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photography, painting, mask, upcycling object…

mix media: drawing, painting, photography, upcyling

 it is a way of combining different materials and processes between painting and drawing, or other elements such as photography, collage…

romeo & juliet


In such a way as to create a product of higher quality or value than the original. "the opportunity to upcycle, or turn it into new products"

Made of...

glass, metal, bone, fabric - From Napoleon III wedding globe - based on the Shakespeare play


this little altar was on a seaside market in northern france, we could no longer see the color and the side windows were broken - the back door opens and you can put a piece of jewel or an object in it...

size / price

Size: 33X28 cm, Deep: 16.5cm - Price: 800.-CHF

Mad Trash Glitter

transform, on any support, in a crazy and trashy way with the hands to make a jewel appear - each portrait is an animal of power or an ally

Made of...

Metal - Solvent-based & Acrylic paints (can be installed outdoors)


when I read Herman Melville's "Moby-Dick" - this is the vision I had of this extraordinary animal - presence, joy, fluidity, calm, poise, quiet strength, depth

size / weight / price

Size: 210X85 cm - Weight: about 3kg - Price: 650.-CHF


De manière à créer un produit de qualité ou de valeur supérieure à l'original. "la possibilité de recycler, ou de transformer en nouveaux produits".

Made of...

imprimé sur toile - acrylique et encre - cadre en bois


la première fois que j'ai vu cette représentation, les deux perspectives dans un même corps m'a frappé - c'est comme si il y avait plusieurs dimensions superposées. deux univers en même temps - ici des créatures aériennes soutiennent Jesus

size / price

taille: 92,5X60.5 cm- Prix: sold 800.-CHF (was 1200.-CHF)

Les Grands Parents


the life of this couple is unknown to me, it was then that a story appeared with its images: this is the femininity and inner knowledge & the seeker of understanding of the external world

Made of...

old photography in its original frame made of wood and protected with glass. pencil, ink and acrylic

size & Price

Size: 69,5X81cm – 5000.-chf  both

Onéo Acète

Before After


une femme? un homme? au premier coup d’oeil il était clair que c’était une créature de la forêt – son nom est venu au court d’une méditation profonde

Made of...

ancienne toile – Peinture à l’huile – cadre en bois

size & Price

Taille: 64,5cm X 55,5cm – 1800.-chf  

Les fleurs du "mâle"


In tattoo conventions, the representation of the woman struck me! Whether in tattoos, drawings, sculptures or even in real life, very naked with improbable breasts, as if « La Femme » was that! So I decided to do « le  contrepied » – the reactions and comments are amazing… Humour is an important part of life for me

Made of...

 Silicone sex toy, genuinely tattooed with tattoo ink. (there are 2 others: « Les dessous » & « le nombre d’or »

size & Price

20cm – 300.-chf  (with or without helmet, box or globe)

Print & photography


Print : A5,A4,A2
photography : different sizes


Matériaux écologiques
200g, 450g,


Jet d'encre


Delivered in a protective box according to the size and frame of the photography/print


photography and print are signed by the artist


Print: 50.-chf to 200.-chf
Photography: 300.chf- to 4500.-chf

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Imagined and created with Conscience by Artists of Life, encouraged by a community of Passionates

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