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Complete transformation of our 1979 land rover V8 Serie 3 Modular style so that we can live in it and also use it to transport our family or objects.

Cocotte or C8.79

cocotte, our old 1979 Land Rover serie 3 

Meet Cocotte, the beloved animal of our family, a timeless Land Rover Series 3 born in 1979. Since joining our family in 2007, she’s been more than just a vehicle; she’s become a cherished member, accompanying us on countless adventures and journeys.

Cocotte holds a special place in our hearts, not just for her vintage charm, but for her unwavering reliability and versatility. She moves at her own pace, effortlessly navigating rugged terrains and winding roads, taking the family wherever uor hearts desire.

But Cocotte is more than just a mode of transportation; she’s a modular metal animal, adapting to the needs of the moment with grace and ease. Sometimes she transforms into a cozy house on wheels, providing shelter and comfort during your travels. Other times, she’s the trusty transport for the family. And when the need arises, she effortlessly becomes a hauler of large objects, with her sturdy frame and spacious interior ready to accommodate whatever you need to carry.

Through it all, Cocotte remains a steadfast companion, a symbol of resilience and adventure. She’s witnessed the passage of time and the evolution of our family, yet her spirit remains unchanged. With each journey we embark on together, she reminds us of the simple joys of exploration, camaraderie, and the freedom to roam.

So here’s to Cocotte, our faithful friend and loyal companion, whose presence enriches our lives in more ways than we can count. May she continue to accompany us on countless adventures, weaving her magic wherever the road may lead.

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