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La famille

At the heart of our ethos lies a commitment to creation – it’s the very lifeblood of our family. Every day, we pour our passion, skill, and dedication into producing something remarkable. Whether it’s crafting exquisite works of art, engineering innovative solutions, or cultivating inspiring experiences, we thrive on the act of creation.

But our journey doesn’t end there. We’re not just creators; we’re seekers, eager to uncover the essence of those we encounter. We believe in the power of individuality, recognizing that each person possesses a unique strength waiting to be unleashed. Our mission is to discover that essence within you and to help you open it up to the world.

So, whether you’re an artist with a vision, an entrepreneur with a dream, or simply someone seeking to express their true self, we invite you to join us. Let’s embark on a journey of discovery together, where your essence becomes the masterpiece that defines your legacy. We eagerly anticipate the opportunity to meet you and to witness the magic of your unique creation.

La famille

3 humans, 2 street cats are also part of the circle, they are funny, soothing and connecting to nature. Not forgetting the luminous and wise snake. And then there are 2 scrap metal animals on board for the trips, their temperament intriguing and making for great encounters at human speed.


Life and work are one and the same, because we are about learning, meeting people, sharing and creating, and the only way to live them is through balance. Our unique little family is making its own way, far from the traditional one, with its own vision of the world around it. Each member of the family, with his or her technical knowledge of his or her profession, always has the osmosis, support and criticism of the other members that enable him or her to best achieve what he or she wants to create personally or for others. It’s their way of living, being and interacting with the world.

"J'accepte la grande aventure d'être moi"

Simone de Beauvoir

Virginie I’m experimenting with life! I open up to different dimensions and express your uniqueness through graphics/painting on different media. Half a century has been expressed on the physical side in sport, fashion, theatre and acrobatic art, now let’s go to the subtle side of life and adventure.

bio Angèle

 AngèleTwo decades of being, creating, learning, discovering! For the moment, it is the connection to the earth with the creation of masks to seduce you, to bring you a smile and joy, or perhaps it will enchant you! & apprenticeships in landscape gardening

"Fantasie ist wichtiger als Wissen. Wissen ist begrenzt, Phantasie aber umfasst die ganz Welt"

Albert Einstein

"A mind is like a parachute it does not work if you do not open it"

Frank Zappa

Mischa – professional of course! and with humour and joie de vivre I bring you through visual communication to make your uniqueness shine

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We meet, we discuss and when we find a path of possibilities, we create to develop your uniqueness

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